Spilt Blood (day 741)

You had me in your charms before
When you desired me in your mouth
Locked me with your legs around
Between plans: a desired future

Swimming was I here
Ignoring sharks nibbling my toes
I tucked in the corners
Stuffed coffee with brown sugar

When the aphrodisiac kicked in
I was helpless to your gin – sin
Locked into waning hours in delight
That spilt my blood upon good hands

Then danced I to the sounds above
Culling my mind: ease into dinner
For racked I was in love and lust
Desperate to grow; forever to learn

So I yelled into a hallow bowl
Shed tears soiling silken scarves
Pulled my hair in ghastly chunks
Went to sleep in a bed of thorns – crowns

But now I cull the passing strangers
Purge them with eyes of daggers
Pour my soul into mason jars
Erase words before they’ve spoke

Bite and Bleed (day 385)

Your words bite into me like daggers made of broken bones
Listlessly bleeding me of all my aggression and sorrow
Helping to rinse my pride of all that which it’s built
Caressing the dark corners of misery: afraid, weak

But I, in my kingdom of madness, reign
These contrived abstractions do not touch my countenance
Neither do they oppress in their venomous ways
Cross my legs and clear the lonely stares away

How do you feel when you sit there and watch me bleed?
Long silky rivers flow steadily outward into the street
Licking the broken pieces of yesterdays past
Dancing like memories deeper than my own mind

Blood lust and hungry, we attempt to gather strength
From the evil words spit at ones we’re loosing grip on
Ignorant of the true meaning such abscesses hold
Cancerous attacks on our own thirsty egos