What Was I Once (day 2329)

What was I once?
A boy?
Did I stand up for our rights?
And speak out with our voice?
Did I hold my own
In discussions of the future?
Did I make decisions
Understanding the gravity
Of seven generations?
And how many times
Did I remain calm
As those around me couldn’t?
Did I react to danger
As a leading protector?
Did I give safety
To those around me who couldn’t?
Did I stand up to help?
Did I give you a chance?
Have I become
A man?

Resonant Romance (day 2173)

You’ve become the edge of resonance
Reason I’ve forgot my chance
I’ve begged you once before
Now I’ll scratch down that door
Original seduction going on
Through and through my veins
Dancing down a hall of reverence
This is a heart attack, baby
This is our last romance.

So you sat there guiding me home
From the head, a Priestess’ chair
Booming towards climax on
A loudspeaker of ancient worship
Cold stones on my wishing knees
Like a glass of white wine
Condensation on my mind
And the moon breaks through calmly
Resonating through halls of a silent home.

Ode to Driftwood (day 1770)

Did you know where my heart would land
When it landed upon your shores
Or did you leave it up to chance
When you washed away my tears?
For when I shared a glance with you
Reaching from skyline, sea, to shore
I was in the midst of lament
A loss that’d shaken my very core.
Yet to my gale, I did wish my chance
To thrive towards another day
So up you came into my bag
For a project of my labour.

driftwood along the shores in Tsawwassen BC

Forecast (day 1646)

This is the forecast
Slipped on the sunlight
And landed on a wave.
We carried emotions
In rainy weather shadows
And in half of a heartbeat
Hope came and held up a chance.
Secrets were too softly;
Heartache came too lightly;
If I was a preacher I’d have
Called the kids all home.

Fell (day 997)

You know I had a chance
When our eyes first had a glance
Struggling with the beat
Then you fell over me
Shifty little feet
And you fell over me
Giving me a chance
When you fell over me

It was gambling, a chance
To look you in the eye
A pure innocence, nestled deep
Then you fell over me
Exchanging numbers in the street
And you fell over me
Giving me a chance
When you fell over me

And when I leaned in for a kiss
You closed your eyes and leaned
Not an ounce of soul held back
Then you fell over me
Never anything but sweet
And you fell over me
Giving me a chance
When you fell over me

A Hand Shake (day 807)

I’ve been the leftover
The gimme-gimme gone
Got you by the balls in the halls

Give it or not
Lost, blown in the end
A dream or a thought
Give it away, give it away, give it away

Now drop.
Let the groove hold your hands
Flow through the night
Through the eyes and the eyes of the eyes; high

See me, see the glow in these these
See the chance
Buckets fallin’ under heavy, heavy
Drops of pure bloods truth

I’m havin’ attacks
Straight to the heart
Like a shak-a-shak-a-shak
Bare chested at the moon, OWWWW

So it’s the way that we love
It’s the get it, get it
Get it all packed in the black Jones tall
Lost souls holding out

My bodies been around
Shuffled down long gray gray walls
I’ve been the guilt, the reconcile

But I’ve learned you are the shift
The give it t’me, give it t’me
Give it t’me with leftovers
Drop. You’re here

[note: best read at 91BPM]

Lines Upon My Face (day 486)

The lines upon my face that have worn away the years
Don’t give away my fear, they only invite my destruction nearer
But that too isn’t the worst of my troubles that hold me here at bay
They dive deeply into the dark pools with the chances I’ve always took
I have not listened well when I’ve been told what to do
And to thank all those who have aided me well
Would be a valiant pursuit

So I write until I’ve answered the questions that Ive never held back from myself
I explore the possibilities that I’ve never kept away from my soul

I drink to this, in the pinnacle of the night
I celebrate the chances I have yet to take and make

But it would be a fools escape were I to think
My life could be comprised of late night toasts
For had I the chance to hold a romance
I would suffer from the guilt I’d feel
For in the morning, I’d sleep away all my nights delight
And then I’d find I’d have no mind
And be no man at all

So now I sit here and stare away the lines upon my face
Contort and twist and shape and adjust my thoughts
Until that which was asked is far from true
And the answer that is found is much more relevant
To the problems on my mind
Where no chance now could bring back time
To make me believe in you