Black (day 2324)

I want a house designed all in black
I want to cover any colors, exposed
With ash, stain, darkness,
Shou Sugi Ban
– A blackness that cannot be rubbed off –
I will tint the windows
And dim the lights,
Burning only black candles.
Nothing new will enter this house
Nothing fresh or alive
Nothing that will shed light
On the depth of this hallow
Forever written in black ink
Upon black dyed paper.
I will eat only black beans
That will sit upon a black plate
Of black rice beside black olives,
Occasionally a loaf of pumpernickel
Will be permitted within.
I will wash with black soap
In a tub of black pearl
Dried by a black towel,
And my sheets of black cotton
Will rest quietly below
My duvet of black duck feathers
For my black soul
To sleep, evermore.

Garden of Eden (day 742)

Float my soul into the Garden of Eden
Mingling with leaves and bountiful trees
Mocking birds perched upon low hanging branches
Romancing me, graceful as I go
Hovering about the top leaves, I
Choicest of fruits sit proud as I browse

Shifting my wind to float down to sin
Dangling my toes in the faces of maidens
Fair skinned maidens with light saris
Giggling at gurgling water flowing by
Lapping amongst their dangling limbs

They acknowledged me with eyes of fair maidens
Playful touching that aroused my desire
I put forth my thoughts to spellbound their minds
Crazy they gathered with worship and laughter
Sacrificed a lamb for love to come faster
Drums led the way into evenings warm prayer

I curled up my soul into a land finely woven
Light summer breeze blew hanging silk fabrics
Sweet Nag Champa floating through our essence
Turning us on our backs to gaze up in wonder
Moans and groans and giggling and laughter
Pillows upon pillows; pillows galore

Candles were lit as lips were nipped
Fruits from the garden, picked and dipped
Light finely wovens covering our perspiring bodies
Naked as the night stars shining upon us
In Garden of Eden and it’s ten thousand sins

Filled With Sin (day 587)

Pink dress I see you
I hear you loud and proud
I feel the place filling
And I like your devilish grin
Candles fighting proudly
Lights dimming slightly
Heat keeps on rising
Passion builds more passion
I’ve known you here before
I’ve seen you run your way
Now you’re pullin changes and
Now you’re a man with sin
Three piece suit, chained watch and
Fedora cocked as proud
Black and white keeps us shining
Where your smile is yelling proud
I see your tie so clearly
Contrasting with that linen
Working over crowds
Taming ladies with strings and
Hats, hats are everywhere
With golden flickering gems
Loosely hanging evening gowns
So gracefully cut for the evening
It’s New Years after all
It’s the party of the year
Can you hear me shifting easily
Feel me breathe it in
Jaw lines pushing boundaries
Cutting lines through darkness
Sinking the soul in
I’ve crawled around destructive
Tonight I’ve filled up with sin

Christmas (day 580)

Evening approached and the table was set
Kids gathered around all dressed in their best
I, with my wisdom, did carve out the ham
Sharpened the knives for thinly sliced meat
Hors d’oeurves were laid out for the hungry to snack
But all there to witness couldn’t resist what they saw
Candles were lit for the mood of the night
Glasses all clinked in festive thanks: grace
Feverishly eating, heavenly tasting
The food all consumed, the belly extended
Happily the family rested in joy
Content from the feasting
Warm from their labours
This was their Christmas as it ended in bliss

Dark (day 425)

You will run but you cannot escape my all seeing, all knowing eye
Forget not that I see no boundaries, I will peer through that mask
Directly at the shadowed eyes that burn fists of fire through my soul
I will not let you run with your heels of fire digging into my sin
Resting for only little bits of laughter let loose into the blue nights sky
Late the raven calls upon the unsuspecting pray as it lies in shame
Hidden beneath the oak tree, wasted as if perturbed by an inescapable fate

Gather your storms you mighty Gods
Forgive me not for my ugly sins
Forgive the rain for soiling the earth
Giving it light and day
But not I, the doer of dark

In time the noose shall loosen from around the bitter Apollo’s neck
Released from the havoc that only the underground animals shall ever know
Hidden from the gems that ignite the last memories of a dying man
Crying from the birth that has taken place in time since we last spoke
And pacing restlessly along the cold stone candle lit memories
Trying to rid my withered bones of the transcendental war
Do not forget to close the door as you step inside the chamber of health

The Fall (day 405)

Candles going out
Means it’s time to go home
I never wanted to leave
It’s no different tonight
Wild horses float through my head
They cannot drive me away
But candles will burn me out
Leave me sleeping alone
Again tonight
Alone in my three post bed

The hard stuff that never soothes my soul
Creeps into my soul like a deep winters freeze
Casually dropping in
For a mid-summers dream

When I cry whispers
The dangers that lay ahead fall behind
Ground grows thinner in the air up here
Cowboys head home
Only their fire smouldering in the earth
Lay claim to the path
Leaving the only trace of the evenings before
In a ballistic approach to ground control
And into the day when the sun grows higher
Clouds form again, signalling the fall

Of Squirrels and a Lover (day 156)

Decadent ritual of un-fretted glory
Somersaults and candles and baskets with lunches
Bubble baths and grass and glasses of wine
Seize the day, give not to thine fear

Wallowing in glory with squirrels and a lover
Smelling the air of lightly scented allure
Pretending to care the feathers aren’t ruffled
Knowing better than the vultures circling

The game is your own
The bat is a slugger
The ball isn’t greased
And the pitcher’s on change-up

Lay low, dear lover
Lay high, dear moon
Stay long dear lover
Stay bright, dear moon