Two by Two Waltz (day 2428)

Dear, let’s take a walk
Two by two by arm I’ll lead
Romantic waltz through midnight streets
Sure, let’s grab a drink or more
This warm fuzzy café seems fit
Midnight streets where cheer spills onto
Lamppost covered sidewalks
Eyes meet you and a neck with a scarf
Ellipses and unravels around
Midnight streets we’ve begun to walk
Arm in arm and a drink or two
A park for us, a surrounding pond
Lamp lit trails that rosey our noseys
To help our midnight souls unwind
Along a path our footsteps take us back
Two by two to midnight’s eve
And our happy songs linger on
In a snowy doorstep

Athens (day 894)

I remember it there
A different kind of cement
Patch work
And cracks that weren’t cracks
And hand made fences of stones
Clearly crooked
But placed with utmost care
While the roads
Not the big North American style
But built for horse and cart
Slower traffic
While flower boxes teetered
On hooks and ledges
One hundred years old
And steep stair
That went to the top of a hill
Around a park
Upon which locals sat at night
Mingling in casual groups
Drinking in the streets
Setting off the busker’s alarm
Where on all the walls
All the buildings
All the staircases
Any last bit of exposed canvas
Was graffiti
Skulls, gas masks
Political hate
Grotesque mottos
Dreamed characters
And warm nights
I would walk down to my favorite café
Sit and talk to a cute girl
Excited I was foreign
A beautiful woman
With a foreign tongue to me
An exotic look to me
Serving me free shots of Rum
As I ate the complimentary peanuts
And commented on the quotes
Littered around the walls
I was a revolutionary with a fine perch
And the misfigured man
With an eye for a cheekbone
And a snarl for the other
Like those suspicious eyes yelled
But the kind soul he was
A political radio DJ
In a time past its prime
With an uphill walk home
And fuzzy contemplation
Past gas masks
Boys up to no good
Parked scooters
And the upstairs neighbors
Fucking all day
And especially all night
The sounds
First night there I thought
The sounds came from an alley cat
Never before
With a torrential heat
Driving any sober thoughts
Out the window
Sinking into the gay fellows bed
But the shower was nice
A clean house
A cheap house
In a beautiful city
Filled with angst
Sunk so deep
It poured out of eyelashes
It poured onto the streets
It fell out of cars
It was raised upon signs
It was marched along
It was a memory

Athens - 092012 (156 of 411)

Cobblestones and Peeking Moss (day 739)

A moment ago I thought you cared
As we walked on hand in hand
Through sleeping streets
That smiled at us
With empty garbage cans
And full mail boxes

I thought I saw a light in your eyes
A glint of truth that shone on me
I felt a squeeze betwixt your fingers
As we walked down a narrow lane
Cobblestones and peeking moss

We saw a dog in sleeping slumber
Stew about some newspaper litter
We saw a morning coffee drinker
Shivering against the air
We walked past parked sedans
Awaiting their daily deliveries
The painters van, carpenters truck
Covered with working days

Our favorite diner
Was still closed for repairs
But the café with our favorite soups
Was sweeping sleep out of its eyes
Brewing some morning fresh

Then you told me I love not
Last weekend would be our last
A new loft was yours alone
We shan’t be sharing the rent
I don’t remember walking the stairs
To the house we loved together
But words are words
And they’ve been spent
Now there is no more together

Bloody Nails (day 490)

We all fantasize in quiet cafés alone
We all make dreams with foreign lovers
Blessed by nights air that’s feeling good tonight
We all eye up the lone maiden sipping wine
Red hair and blazer on, business skirt, blood nails
Eyes too wide for an unmarried lover
Ears to eager for a foreign voice
Straight back and school girl boots
Tell me, do you like the bad boys, Green Eyes?
Tell me you did feel my eyes upon you
Shh, nights coming out smooth