To My Moon (day 1749)

Where did all of the wild horses go?
When we walked through the tall greenscape grass
Was it wind blow my mind
Straight to your sweet design?
Sun in my eyes was just my good disguise.
Won’t you come see me tonight, sweet mystery?
Don’t leave me here with sun gone out now,
Keeps a crawling around just so.
I’ll be mighty hands on the run.
I’ll be summer’s midnight stars up so high,
Crickets crackling in our eyes.
Roll up our sleeves to a mid-summer’s breeze,
And let Cassanova be my midnight name;
When I’m left alone as the Phantom goes
And your heart is wrapped all up in thought.
So when midnight strikes me tattooed, too
I will roll up my unused bribes for another bride
Like a straightened arrow, to my moon I will go.

To My Moon by Ned Tobin

Floating Soul (day 1693)

Float my soul as wind does blow;
A field of drifting snow.
Long grass will tickle my fleeting heart,
Field posts as my deep breath.
My wisdom is an open sea
Torrenting above this frozen ground,
Truth for which I’m steady holds
Dirt which refuses me
The steady pull of gravity.
And in this I shall forever find
Patience of the naked deciduous,
A lark, yet steadfast cold.

Edge (day 1643)

We all shake our gates to the sound of riddled irons
Ricocheting off midnight streets in lonely battle cries.
We dress formal, we provide answers,
We lose sight of retail for a better lease on life.
We do this. We pound our own hammer
With all our might, until fatal the blow
Or sharp the edge.

Edge by Ned Tobin

Orca Sighting (day 1642)

A little moment
I stopped to see
A pod of orcas
Across from me

The captain said
I leaned and looked
Found sun instead.

Ho! They played
Above, below,
From every direction
About the sea

Whips and whacks,
Breaching blows,
Whipping tails
And splashing bubbles

Just as they came
We sailed on past
Our ripples crossing
Diverging paths

Wind (day 1479)

I was a ghost in a strong, strong wind
Or so I had thought before life did begin.

Let me see through your hardened skin
A beggar forgets there’s lots to win.

I’m tired now, up against this wind
Blow me over, I’ll get back up again.

Float your heart upon a breeze
I cannot smell, I cannot squeeze.

Alight! Heart be nimble, dance within!
For you will feel again, I am the wind.

Wind by Ned Tobin

Ashram Day 11 (day 1414)

My heart was lost into a sea
Towards a dreadful wind,
To which I did not ever cry
For I was man of steel.
“Why do you leave a stone unturned?”
Was all I’d ever say
To those that came and left again
Without a full intent.
I, the master of destiny,
Plainly as I could see,
Was left again, without a chance,
To linger long in drought;
As a wind can take away,
So can it come to blow.
Here upon my step one day
Sitting there awaiting,
Such a future I could not hold,
A solution I could not see.

Nobbin (day 360)

Floating through the air
Fishing out the last
Remains of indiscriminate bastards
Fuck the loose mentality
That we’re all ok
Fuck the smart girl
She has never worn dignity
Like the whore walking Main

Swim the mighty canal
Float the gnarly seas
Figure the angels wings
As they cloud your sober mind
Unlike the hairy bastard
Who prances around like the fool
Fuck the merry longfellow
When he turns around to glance a blow

Then the tulips that have been stolen
From the figured lands of the holy
They’ve been tainted like a bastards tongue
Of the King’s royal litter
But the holy men that haven’t kissed me
Shall linger by their pole
The wine toting maidens
Shall throw eyes my way once more

It’s business as usual
Down at the Hawley; torn and blown
I’m not here to pull on your
Thunder you’ve bloated with
I’m not going to steal what matters
To your lambs and whithered tongues
I’ve left your silly buggers
To dance your awkward dance

So hug your merry bastards
Lay your fingers down
I’ve left your countenance long
I’ve let you pull your fingers as you may
Don’t whip your hair
Your greasy hair
I’ve worn your stripes
I’ve calmed your mare

Nobbin, bloody nobbin