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Come Here Before (day 2113)

I am filled with forbidden passion
And necromancy
Unbid and skeletal
In a full moon sitar
Keeping me up at night
Eyes stare calmly
Dancing a slow waltz
With herself
Through a barren rose garden
And two lines of benches
Marked with names
Of those came here before.

Fade To Black (day 1923)

I don’t want to make my way in a barren landscape
The thought overwhelms me, loses my hope.
It loosens my grip and forces me
Into an unforgiving reality
That stops at every stop sign,
Red lights my deepest dreams,
And perpetuates my winter footsteps,
Fading to black.

Barren Tree (day 1654)

I have called you again
Tracing rain drops
Down my bleeding window
And answering to shadows
The barren tree outside
Casts upon my heart.

Barren Tree by Ned Tobin

Fading (day 959)

Lines worn into my curled hands
Write stories about these barren lands
Cris-crossing my page
With dried, sweet smelling sage
Listening to fading sounds of the band