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I Shall Not Walk Alone (day 2176)

Your gravity
Has been pulling me
Into a void
I care not to ignore
I care not to ignore
Precious angles
I’ve begun to run into
Your mirrors
Will work again
Once I
Reflect long enough
To see
My reflection
Your house
Of angles
Has become the antithesis
Of a void
Which I’ve stepped into
I shall not walk

Muddy Angles (day 1724)

Did you lose your angle here
When I was cornered, silent
Was I a walking flamingo
Stuck against horizon.

Slipped and worn
A shaggy mane
Hostile against the wind
Could you use yesterday’s start
In muddy swamps of y’or.

Messy Letters (day 1694)

A letter came today
To say
I had a missing cause.
I had a note
That filled me up
With angles and
Ink blotches.

Suspended Theory (day 1618)

I want to make this angle
My devil’s heart.
I want to hold it so close
It juts deep inside
And nicks all sinew
Related to nonsense
And the abysmal relief
Of suspended theory.