Turning Point (day 2140)

This is the turning point
This is the handing off
This is the hardest part
And I’m coming home.

Been, and said
And lifted my head
To reach what couldn’t hurt
And I’ve gone instead.

This is a sounding alarm
This is a messenger
This is a cold escape
And I’m coming home.

But there I was
Lost in my reverie
To the kingdom I’ve built
And I’ve gone home instead.

Salt Water (day 1951)

Restless wrestling into oblivion
Spiders crossing midnight’s hearth
Locomotives blaring alarms
With an overused burden
Tucked deep inside a minor piano chord
Snapshot time frame over zoned
Freshly unground inside an attitude
Crawling blue veins starving
Window forever fogging
Death knocks at Love’s rusty gate
Salt water streaking pant cuffs
Boot prints trailing off

Thorn (day 1261)

I once laid my eyes upon
An autumn so yellow and red,
That spoke to me of Monarchy;
The golden days of ol’.
Here I tarried a while
Pondering on the past,
Only to find, as I divined,
I had been transformed into a lord
Who had about, in glorious splendor,
A thousand man devoted train.
But to my alarm,
And quite disarming,
I hadn’t a desire to call mine own.
So my yawn was feigned,
My brow was fanned,
And of my rose was left a thorn.

Drugs in Mom’s House (day 1145)

A passive sales strategy
Sitting lonely on my mother’s couch
Wriggling into uncertainty
I watch through a dusty glass
Tripping all the alarms
Tipping the Chancellor off
To an undercover sedated tragedy
And Earl wandering.
Smokey-Joe pan-handling
And I’m a lonely gravity
As a slow song plays
Like apple cider vinegar
Going straight to my heart.

Wilfred Winslow, P.I. (day 678)

By Scott, we’ve got them!
We’ve finally solved it!
Mystery of the Seven Sins
It was a hard one
No thanks to lack of cooperation
But with your willing help, Newman,
With your clear logic and seamless wit
We’ve managed to crack them
By Scott! We cracked them good!
Did you see the look on their faces
When we surrounded them in that two bit diner?
They all thought they were free
Free as an eagle that soars…
Not a chance, not with us on their tails!
Ha! Those dirty rotten scoundrels
Locked away behind bars of justice!
Paying the price for thievery and cheating

Tell me Newman,
Did you think we’d get them
Did you think I was crazy
When I accepted the case
A private investigation case
From that half-wit Constable McLearan?
I had doubts, the robbery was seamless
Not a single alarm was sounded
Staff wasn’t alerted
Business wasn’t halted
No villains were filmed
No getaway car
No nothing!
Not even a transaction to trace!
But we got them
And we got them good


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