Surrender (day 2526)

How did I make it through childhood
Run the gauntlet and pass inspection
I rode bikes down bad trails
Faught kids in the schoolyard
I played with axes
And climbed woodpiles
And chased after chickens
That had no obedience
I don’t know where I went right
But I stole kisses
And drank wine
And swam in holes
I wasn’t supposed to swim in
And slept in beds
I only half knew who owned
Yet here I am
Two past an age limit
And still stealing time
To take another ride
Down A sweet street
Called surrender.

What Could Be (day 571)

There are days when it feel like I’ve narrowly been missed
Like if I stare for a few more moments
I’ll catch your reflection in the mirror
Standing there beside me, as it should be

New age, digital sentences

Walk with fine breaths that catch uncontrollably
Upon the thoughts of what could be
What if the romance was sparked
Living a life inside a headspace

Old age, humbled forgiving

Books with notes clutter the conscience with a lingering smell
Dust rolls off the thoughts like dew in the sunshine
And life carries on, like time
As books multiply in the mirrors

To Make This Ending Alright (day 540)

There is no age that is old enough
There are no journeys long enough
No steps that take you high enough
No song that lasts long enough
To make this ending alright

Your infinite smile that greeted guests
Lingers long after the visit rests
Lawnmower rides with a mile wide smile
Together, no memory strong enough
To make this ending alright

The time we’ve shared
Has taken me into a land
Far beyond dreams and into
The hands of strength and belief
To make this ending alright

So now is not the time to fret
Time to weep into our sorrow
It’s time to praise the lasting life
That fills our remaining breath
To make this ending alright

~this poem is to give strength to all of you out there, healthy or sick, to fight and enjoy every last breath you have~