Ned Tobin

One a Day, Every Day started as a desire to strengthen and focus my poetic abilities through continued practice, a challenge. Naturally, as every day came and went, the body of work has grown and new categories have been added to meet my varied interests and styles. To date, two books of poetry have been self published. There are definitely more coming.

The process itself is strictly setting me at my writing desk expressing myself in prose. Most days this takes the shape of a journalistic fantasy, but many days it becomes a waltz through a flicker of a thought, expanded and molded and juxtaposed with other thoughts that alight as that waltz continues. For some poems this can take less then five minutes, other I’ll deliberate over for a few hours. In general, a poem will start with a single line, often times one I will repeat to myself as I hurry back to my writing desk.

Sub projects have spawned from writing poems every day. Evolution has led me to practice penmanship to add an ancient flair to the old art. I have solidified my own unique script as well as learned Blackletter to write my poems in, typically on faded pieces of paper collected from forgotten boxes and journals laden with memories only I will ever help surface. Photographing these has encouraged me to create still lifes that capture my essence as the poet and an extension the prose, the emotional state of the poem. This has launched a full fledged fascination with pressing flowers found as I roam the forest gathering the necessary fodder for prose.

Without a doubt, one of the most rewarding parts of the process for me has been the inward exploration. Even when the poems abstract or alluding, they are always spawning from a place inside me that I cannot simply point to. The process of letting thoughts out on to paper, preferably before actually thinking about them, has encouraged a freely flowing expression that has gained momentum. In short, I have become more confident with my words.

There is no end date in sight to a One a Day, Every Day.

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