Break in the Day (day 109)

Sun that’s hotter than a well used oven
With young faces that are nervously wonderin’
Alerted by the slightest disturbance

But me, I still look for an empty corner
Away from the clamoring multitudes over
My fate sits fixed as is my countenance

Waiting sit I as I wander nearer
Playing with the time waiting for the bearer
Maybe we all feel this sustenance

A Moment (day 107)

But aside
But fully exposed
Lamenting open faced bloodclots that leave traces of un-kept struggles
But in the end
In the very end of all days

Do you see?
Fully open
But glossed over with that far away look of a day dreamer
And in the end
Solid park benches

Sometimes (day 105)

I fall into a bliss
Or maybe not quite serene
But focused at any rate
A time filled with desire
Loss for right and wrong
Just an image
That fills my countenance
Nothing but direction
An end is always inevitable
But like all emotions
Like all movements
Who knows when it too shall end

Paid Dues (day 102)

The devil’s charged me twice now
For everything I’ve got
I never thought
This was absurd
For I’ve truly got a lot
I’ve never felt more luckier
For the family I have
The friends that do roam
When I’m off in search
But most of all
My own thoughts
They make me free
The devil’s charged me twice now
For everything I’ve got