Un-Adulterated (day 94)

The four, they wandered
Still a few hours from dark
One with a drink
One with a skirt
And leggings to reduce the flirt
It was easy to tell
For I had been there before
That they all had one thought
Clearly on their minds
To reduce the night to moments alone
A moment to remember for a year
A day, many years later
That will come all the greater
Shall remind gone of your youth

Dreaming (day 89)

It was not only my favorite thing to do, but it was my favorite thing to be.

I layed there a while, asleep or half there. Only memories and influenced plans filled my head.

To my own peace, I planned civil engagements, gigantic feats, womanly admiration’s, and success beyond most noble players ever heard of.

I enjoyed this very much.

The Experiment (day 88)

A surreal, evolutionary complex grew among the convoluted masses. Growing in size (and of course stupidity) as they were herded into their lifeless phases of preconditioned and prescribed sociological experiments. Little did they know if they had just learned to tie their own shoes unconventionally everything would have turned out alright!

Still a Good Spot (day 87)

Beyond comprehension
I don’t want to stop
I can’t stop
There is far to much
Around here
That to stop
Would mean
A whole world
Of love, life, excitement
Would be put on hold
And really
Who the fuck
Wants the good to stop?