A Pull (day 290)

I can feel a pull
From control and class
To the kind of
Sheets to the wind
Pants around your ankles
Kind of shift

This is the kind that gets you in trouble
The kind that wakes up with a massive fucking hangover

I’m prepared though
I’ve done this before
I’ve held onto the guard rail
And eased my feet into those shoes

It’s a long walk home from the streets of destruction

Wear a coat

Sunny Skies (day 289)

There’s no room for sunny skies here
There’s no point in having those hover around
Like the festering magpies
Crapping overhead in swarms
Few thousand or so

There’s nothing loud
About sitting alone
Blast out the speakers
Make that sky forever last
Hold out those buckets and catch in that rain

There’s only winners and losers
There’s no I’m almost theres
Pull down your trowsers
Flair up your nostrils
Pull in your feet to breathe

Brothers and Sisters (day 288)

We fight for our money
We fight for our bread
We fight for the clothes on our back
But do we fight for our brothers and sisters?

We fight for our gold
We fight for our oil
We fight for the car that we drive
But do we fight for our brothers and sisters?

We fight for our computers
We fight for our iphones
We fight for the laptop we squander
But do we fight for our brothers and sisters?

We fight for our drugs
We fight for our pension
We fight for the crimes we commit
But do we fight for our brothers and sisters?

[This poem is dedicated to the brothers and sisters who are effected every day by the terror of what is known as Kony. Please give the Invisible Children a voice.]

The Game (day 286)

Coerced into the blame game
I felt a little foolish as I washed the red expressions from my skin
I felt in awe as I sprayed down jealousy off the walls
Thrown up there in a fit of disgust
Pent up, for anger never held any grounds close to these blackened soles

There was, however, a time when anger ruled the lands
I vaguely remember those days
When lovers walked hand in hand along the boardwalk
Casting glances over their shoulders
Trying to disguise the thoughts upheld on their brows

Perhaps it was the technological shift that eased the lovers arms from around the clock
As the day shifted into another
As the listless lost little figments of their imagination
To the ever-slowing mechanism of the futures design
To the ever ticking tock of a lovers game

Uneven Sleep (day 285)

I had an uneven sleep
Like the homeless on the cement
Dying for the months rent
Listlessly wandering into another step
For what, I fear the answer
I fear the melancholy it invites
I fear the destruction it involves
Without a comfortable cloth to my name
How lame it must seem
To the truly advanced souls of this land
Where once was a stone
Now creeps up some glass
Greenery once ran rampant throughout
But now is delicately placed high above
In secret places only the few birds know about
But then, where have our secrets come from?
Whither have they gone?

Skin So Bare (day 284)

Dueling pianos penetrate my skin
Forthcoming evening seeps within
Dangerous thoughts roam through my brain
And the night begins thus

Train rolls rapidly on
Jigging my jaw to an unwritten song
I have no fear, says I
I have no pain today

And the lonesome whistle blows off in the distance
I, left standing there in the cold
Watch as my breath floats around the glowing light
In utter silence, miles from anyone or anything

Flash back to a grand romance
Black lace and skin so bare
Knee bones and muted breath
Swayed by the motion of the long locks of hair

I remember now
I remember the long nights I’d speak out
Wondering what lessons I’ve learned
Never understanding the answers I’ve made possible

I’ve never been able to understand
Why searching and searching holds my name
Why memories will always remain
Until the last pair of leggings are just remains

Skin (day 283)

Awake I lie cowering in the cold
Asleep I remember nothing
The cold seems to suck the will to live
Knees so sore they could cry

Rhythmic music penetrating the deepest confines of my soul
Letting the cold seep further in
My eyes, they slowly close
Inward they lean, down they venture

While the spiral takes me in
The cold soothes my sin
With tiny little dancers
I begin moving to the tune of my skin

Crickets (day 282)

Did the cool wind die
That old summers night
As the crickets croaked
And the bugs bit

We sang for a while
Like we were living in a space
Where we didn’t care
For the silence around

In truth, it made it hurt more
It made the sadness gather storm
It made the songs all have meanings
It made the end loom in the twilight hours

But it was all for the better
I realize that now
I have accepted that fact
Like so many others since

Never Night (day 281)

I punch out the wounds
The passage of time inflicts
It is I, proud and fair
That pushes forth with the scars
The touch of perfection
The outlook of gods
The ransom letter held in private
The blood that sets deep within
Leaving a bastardly sight
A gruesome sight
Towards the long awaited memories
Of tomorrows never night