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Cadaverous Embrace (day 1750)

I marked my diary with a black heart yesterday,
Signalling yet another loss of a piece of me
To a lancet, delicately embraced by a cadaverous hand
Tightly hemmed in mourning lace.
Upon my wrinkly pages I wrote of lament so thick
Leaves dropped freely in my eerie breeze,
And my nigh filled dipping pen
Opulently embarking upon saintly rites
Deep into the cold moon’s full embrace,
For this unsettled heart beat thick.

Cadaverous Embrace by Ned Tobin

Dionysians (day 1740)

I’ve written about an ancient earth
Left to crawl alone, alone.
Shaken and blurred with ghastly turd
To wrastle for each their top.
All in time a second chance
To few artistic Dionysians,
Who left their mark in deep white sand,
Unintelligible and very discreet.

Dionysions by Ned Tobin

Harvest Orchard (day 1705)

I walked along
Not quite sure
Where the trail would lead,
And to my surprise
It turned into
An orchard ripe for harvest.
There, long I tarried,
Long I shared with Gaia’s full trees
A glass of her sweet nectar.
Long I resisted bumblebees,
Long I waned noon’s sun.

Harvest Orchard by Ned Tobin

Aces and Fools (day 1704)

A fool to be of enemies
And sorrows of the mind,
When all around is family
Ready to serve thy desires.
Yet many a soul is loneliest
Wishing, forevermore,
Of company amidst thy thoughts,
Who shan’t ever play thy ace.

Aces and Fools by Ned Tobin

Embers (day 1703)

Closing my eyes
To windows
That cease to glow
Of excitement,
And embers beam
In the hearth.

Embers by Ned Tobin

Charm Bracelet (day 1691)

My heart crawled in late
To the after hours disco.
I wore too much black,
To little eye liner.
I had leather soles,
Not these leather souls
All the latex and spandex
Kids wore like charm bracelets
Around their wrists in play.
And I didn’t jingle enough.

Charm Bracelet by Ned Tobin

Follow Me (day 1685)

Don’t follow me
I am not feeling good.
I am not yet alive,
I am still feeling dead.

You gave your heart to me,
In a better time I
Had my heart alive,
Had my head held high.

Who is my glow out there?
A beacon lost at sea,
An ember fading fast,
A whisper, died at last.

Follow Me by Ned Tobin

Living (day 1677)

The rust
It is not you
No, sweet darling
It is me
Corroded and
Living inside
Ocre pain
That breathes
With kind tolerance
And knowing
That someday
Into dust

Living by Ned Tobin

Tobacco Blood (day 1671)

I am an ancient sailor who
Has sent in for the weather,
Cigarette and pea coat fending
Off my worst of every thoughts.
But aye, the closest thing to land
Is but a mirage in my eye,
So I will keep on biting in
To my twist of tobacco blood.


Barren Tree (day 1654)

I have called you again
Tracing rain drops
Down my bleeding window
And answering to shadows
The barren tree outside
Casts upon my heart.

Barren Tree by Ned Tobin