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Hot Day Driving label(day 2223)

Sweaty back
Horizon lines
Windows or AC

DDoS Attack (day 2213)

Relentless battering
Speeding up
Smart firewall

Caught in a Rainstorm (day 2203)

Soaking droplets
Wind chills
Soggy toes

Silhouetted Large Tree (day 2196)

Infinitely blue sky
Perfectly uneven branches
Blocking my late evening sunset

Long Since Traveled Familiar Trail (day 2183)

New strewn branches
Familiar roots

Down a Bumpy Dirt Road (day 2123)

Bump and roll
Turn and dodge
Splash and slop

A Gutter Full of Leaves (day 2118)

Pitter pitter patter patter
Splashy splashy
Goes that water

Heavy Snowfall (day 2109)

White translucent fury
Softly laid
As a blanket

Stormy Walks Through The Forest (day 2087)

Green needles
Obstructed trails
Splashing footsteps

Dying Fire (day 2072)

Click clack
Hot coals
Settling in

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