And I Shall Head Home (day 170)

Reason comes to the surface like an infected pond
Suffocating the life out of dreams and hope
But that’s ok, it’s just a small pond in the circle of life
Bigger fish will come from different ponds

The memory, however, shall remain constant forever
The fun times afloat our two-seater
Rowing slowly around the familiar banks of destiny
Wearing in the good spots of weathered wear

The boat it can sink, but I surely can swim
The fish it can run, but I surely can reel
The oars they can break, but surely I can then kick
But if, upon the banks where I stand
I should see such a torment dark seas that do bring
I shall pack up my oils, wear my wellingtons proudly
And head home, till the banks they do clear

Unfinished Business (day 168)

I remember
I hold
I used to sing late at night
I used to hold memories as if they could comfort me

Now I keep telling myself
Whats been has been
No need to forget just move on
No need to wallow just move on
No need to listen just believe

The pieces that once were
Never were

The pieces that have hit the floor
Were never me

Been Looking (day 150)

Where have you been, love?
I’ve been looking around
I’ve seen your last tracks
But never you’re found

I’ve asked friends and family
I’ve asked brothers and sisters
I’ve asked teachers and doctors
I’ve asked long lost lovers

Where have you been, love?
I’ve been looking around
I have memories to build here
With empty spaces to fill

Everywhere Everything (day 138)

Has society always been this hurt?
Everywhere I look there are lost lovers
Fragmented dreams
And lost memories swimming somewhere in between

Maybe we should be free
Love everything with adolescent joy
Scrambling over fences to find whats behind
Scraping our knees into time

If then we should see
With eyes larger than experience
How then would we transform?
I walk, and everything goes through my heart

Lost is For Good (day 137)

Lost lovers and lost sinners
Remind me of death
Accept it and rage it
Decide to eat it alive

It’ll set you not forward
If you take it to heart
It’ll teach you to crawl
If understand it you try

Wail out a beat given lonely
Narrate a poem long and comely
Never sit down in style
With past; long, gone, and well

Distress Signals (day 136)

Cannot I lift you
With the words that I speak?
Cannot I hear you
With the ears that I append?
Cannot I see you
With the eyes that I focus?
Cannot I feel you
With the hands that I extend?

When will I know
About the weight of my words?
When will I learn
About the error in my ways?
When will I feel
About the lost lovers night?
When will I remember
About the battle of my days?

Forever in The End (day 121)

A line begins
But a line must end
So shall sun
So shall the wind

But love that curls
And love that whirls
Should make thou smile
Under all that’s else

I want you happy
If it means I’m sad
I want your worries
In a far off land

Then you couldn’t frown
Or bend that soft brow
With troubles far away
Many a long gone day

It shall never be changed
My sturdy feet I have
I’ll be here forever
Till you’ve found your strength

One day, my lover
One day shall soon
Call upon each other
To bend around the moon

And in this day
At this day of judgement
We’ll only ask ourselves
Did I follow my heart?