The Arms of Peace (day 516)

I play with things
And I touch all kinds of stuff
But when it comes right down to it
I’ve lost it
I’ve shat out marbles
Pissed warm vinegar

On the other side of the clouds
As mountains have swarmed into creeks
Into glorious rivers with intermittent lakes
Cuddling the flat lands and
Sipping tea amongst the rocky peaks

I saw a sign
My eyes opened
My breath became easy
As I cleared my voice
To bellow out a glorious song
Marrying bliss
With jubilance

And with a smile
I stepped lightly forward
Into the arms of peace

Dull Weather (day 507)

Water drips lazily from this 20th avenue bungalow
Big windows to watch the construction going on across the street
I wonder what ethnicity the family will be
The workers are Indian
I wonder why they choose to put such a bland front
Onto their house
They spent so much money on the house, clearly
Then they barf

In the mirror an orchid droops from it’s fully bloomed weight
Gifted from an angel on the birth of flight
Coil of heavy duty wire rests restlessly upon the couch
bringing husband and wife about a foot from each other
But they’re not sad, they’re free to explore
Attached at the hip
Making endless impressions upon the fabric they rest

A guitar lonely and mute awaits its rehabilitation
Strung and strum and actively attached
Waiting it will
As music mystically pours out one tiny little speaker
Tea gets cold being ignored and fully saturated
In a tall mug that’s too tall to finish
On an old Ikea working desk with wheels
Light wood and dull gray faux metal tubes

Work begins at last
Diamonds cut deep

Sand (day 506)

I rolled in the sand today
Grinding my open wounds and sins
Together with the ancient bones
Dusting this light brown shore

It felt good, alone with the sand
Letting it tangle my hair
Frump up my conscience
Let free my deep breath of elation

I saw a seagull close by
It watched me in amazement
As I’ve watched it before
Seemingly unaware we both have life

Little crabs scurried away
The noise and vibrations to much to take
Water lapped at my sandy toes
Sun kissing my closed eyes

And then I sat up
Reached out for my lovers hand
Clean and refreshed we tangled in bliss
Moonlight came as we saved a kissed

Our Dirt (day 505)

So now the grass has grown
Skies that shine down
Blow winds over the mounds
And we sing to each other
The love songs we’ve never been
Daisies grow hearty here
Where did we lose ourselves?

Seasons pass over like time
Distant in their monotony
Passive as they attack
Pulling at the tips of the grass
Searching for a better way
A life away, closer to the sun
And our dirt settles deeper

We All Die Old (day 503)

The water pushing past the secret doors of the needle riddled floor
Sing to the lonely leaves forgotten and rotting amongst the mushrooms
The trees that have spewn forth their dying seasons
Happily lap up the dotted dew resting a while in the sunlight
And spiders that haven’t eaten yet this morning
Share the same edges of bark with the sleeping moths
Burrowing into the nice alcoves of hidden mysteries
Stretching between the years written into the aging forest
With squirrels keeping track of all the scores
Hunting out that which shouldn’t be forgotten
But in this season of time that dances amongst the shoots
Where the fresh birds chirp happily to the echoes of the canopy
There is always the runner, he who ensures nobody gets comfortable
In the center of the trail he kills with rubber
The youngest of them all, the new growing sprout

But the earth is all life
The change is all good
The circle grows bigger
And we all die old

Rocky Sea Shores (day 477)

Into the ocean I stare away my dreams
Focusing on the repetitive nature of the natural beast
Watching the sparkles come and go
As the waves wash up and beat to and fro
Natural mystics carry dreams afar
Wishes and hopes that float on the wind

Did we walk long enough into the distance yet
Perhaps we can carry on, to find a nice spot

Mermaids walking that keep time with the wind
Hair flowing as the wind whips from all sides
Little rocks to hop on, a little sun bathe on
Happy memories for the young maidens in a foreign land

Rivers Edge (day 476)

Camping along the rivers banks here allows my stars to shine like they have been powered from an altruistic source ready for the dreams that spend their life projecting

The crickets and frogs that enliven my ears with a symphony of random harmony makes the words learned have neither meaning nor maestro, water trickles by ceaselessly

With the cool breeze of the grass that robs my still thoughts of all of their listlessness, fighting the wee little shivers that invite the goosebumps to pour sexual droplets of romance over my body

It is here that there is no need for per-conceived notions of what is and what shall come to pass, Here is the land for dreams and dreams and dreams and more dreams

Do you know this? Do you understand the power in the stars up above on a clear evenings shine as you lie amongst the longer wisps of grass that share soil with wild flowers?

City Row (day 456)

Peaceful serenade slips over my body like the cool morning sun
Lighting up each tiny hair that caresses the moist air
Memories flicker back and forth between last night and dreams
And I look cooly on as mother nature alights another day

Down below the children cry for hunger
Sitting slouched with angel dust covering their smiles
Walking silently, deep in thought the restless go
Another day has begun again, deep in the city row