Heat (day 366)

Remind me next time I’m in these parts
To wear my shorts
I cannot remember the last time
I felt this kind of heat
It’s like a summer at the beach
And I’m in full sweater and jeans
It’s like I’ve got two hot packs
Resting in my pockets
Standing by the fire
Or too close to the sun
It’s like I’m in a sauna
And fully clothed
Perhaps even some mittens
And a cup of warm tea

No, none of that’s equivalent
To the heat I’m feeling today
This is much worse
I assure you of that

One thing I do know
That today I sure feel
That summer has now come
And I’m to wear shorts

Squirrel (day 359)

Do you know what it means
Little squirrel in the trees
To be wild and free?

Have you spent your life living
As an unburdened thing
Roaming around the farthing?

Well, I know I try
I give and I ply
Still I head to the bottle for some rye

I bid you farewell
Little man; enchanted as a spell
May we meet again and live tell

Voices of the Bird (day 358)

If only I could recognize
The many voices of the bird
The many dialects of our winged little friends

I think had I the power
To communicate with the breeds
I’d learn many things indeed

But this is my destiny
Be it as it may
I shall sit here today
Enjoying how they sing to my soul

Atop This Hill (day 357)

I’m not alone on this hill
Of which I sit atop here today
No, I’m joined by a few
Estranged souls come to view

One of which that has hair
The fiery red of the devil
Another with hair of an angel
A third who has hair
So dark that it shines
Against the pale blue
Above here today

That man over there
With wild hair and a beard
Perhaps intends to imitate
Orwell in his form!

Ah what a day
What a glorious day
Alive here in London
And these trees

I can hear in the distance
Children playing and laughing
As if school weren’t still in session
Perhaps it’s the day
Where all go out to play
Giving teachers a moment to relax

…side note: I should have brought corn nuts with me up here…

Forever it is Now (day 352)

I sit waiting in this park for an answer
For the solution to the next month and 10 days
Perhaps it will come in a moment of clarity
Like the lost tides of sands forever gone

But then, as I feel it would collapse all around
A passing dog roams my way and licks at my toes
For this, I cannot ignore as a fate of the future
I cannot pass up this chance to find peace

Thus prompted to gather my wits about me
I feel my way through the dark into the darker
Exploring like a traveler en route unmapped
I seek what is known not to me

Then faster and faster I gain in my speeds
I look to the right and then to the left
The darkness turns into motions and blurs
Yet too fast to decipher as if a flickering murmur

Then all of a sudden, from the depths of my soul
I reach for a light switch; flicker then glows
I pass up the easy road for the road I’m on now
Today is my adventure, forever it is now

Growth (day 346)

Eyes open, I wander the streets looking for subtle differences
They protrude like well worn corners, now slightly knobby
I can almost feel it in these rows that were around before industry
It’s like a pleasant mist that spreads over my countenance

It’s painful to realize that there are so many who ignore this fleeting desire
This lifeline that encourages growth like the mid summers morning
Who has been born that cannot hear this angels voice?
Who can feel alive without touching the angels hair?

Deep morning frost that thickens ones footsteps
Fall into the pale morning air that frees my mind
I sit still, very still in fact
Enough so, that the trees become the root of my soul

It is in this little path that the faces take shape
The members of this society begin to hold down sharp edges
Fully aware of the powers they wield
Perhaps the ending will be a memorable one

Faint Scent (day 325)

When the traveling troupe rounded the corner
They couldn’t help but thank the good graces of the Lord
They had been walking their weary legs
Forth into the untouched world for many moons
For many moons they had wished that they would one day soon
Find the lost land of their ancestors
Who had so diligently cultivated their land and their hearts
Their souls and their traditions
Forever lasting in the earth that they sow

The travelers stood there in awe
What they had only dreamed of had just opened in front of them
And to help in the majesty
Mother natures golden rays of love
Shone upon their brows like the warm
Souls of their weathered feet
Briskly crossing the untortured path

For now, the gang wars were far away
Faintly whispering amongst the Kentucky Blue grass
Leaving a faint scent in the winds of time
Scaring away the coyotes that howl through the night
With the laughter of their guns
The gang pushed forth, almost at a sprinters pace
The homestead in sight, the chickens within earshot
And the great mother upon the doorstep
Sweeping away the never ending dust
Squinting at the distance where she felt the visitors

Ladybug (day 324)

I have a home
It is under the leaf
It is green where I roam
Here at home

I have spots
The protect me from sun
They accumulate with age
This of my spots

I have antennas
That probe my way forth
It helps to detect
These nice antennas

I have six legs
That propel me forth
They aren’t all that I have
These here short legs

For I have wings
That fold out from secrets
They fly me back home
There with my wings

Death (day 322)

Death stalks us around the block
As we shop for groceries
Death watches us sleep
As we dream of unobservable sums
Death clears our doorstep
On a windy fall night
Death finishes off the card game
Late in the early hour of the morning
Death cheers at the finish line
As we develop our muscles
Death encourages us
Standing in line for lunch
Death crosses the street
On our way in to work
Death sings a song
As we lament a bad deed done
Death cries wearily
At the doorstep of our sins
Death dances a fine jig
On the mantle of our success
And death holds our hand
As we march forth into the waking eyes of a new day

[I’ll miss you Ted]

One Houndred Days (day 302)

We paddled and paddled
For one houndred days straight
Neither rest nor sleep
Was our friend all the while
We came about falls
We came about rapids
We came about bears
Finding winters warmth flapping
We passed by the furs
Of the coastal regions
We passed by the spruce
Of the swampier interiors
We passed by the pines
When the river twined
And we never complained
For our destination inclined
Not a single soul to speak
Not a diverting path to take
No energy was lost
In the battle we fought
We all had our children
Our warm wives back at home
But our socks they were warm when
Our backs they lay cold
Our knit caps, they
So red and so bold
We paddled until
Our paddles they broke
Then paddled some more
With the spares that we towed
And then, in the distance
As we pushed through the night
First one, then another
Then tens of houndreds they did burn
The fires of our friends
The fires of our family
The first of the First Nations
As they sat along the bank
Celebrating their season in the sun
The drums we had felt
Many days before
A pace threatening saunter
A force for our driving
As we came to the landing
We were swarmed by the tribe
We had always come here
We would always return
We were family here
We were friends here
This was our home
The land of the free
And after we shared
With the children all around
We welcomed the tribes men
We embraced our dear wives
We brought out our treasures
We had bargained for at the market
One houndred days paddling
One houndred days to the east
They sang songs for us
They sang songs with us
We brought out our fiddles
And we sang songs for them
We danced through the night
And we danced all the day
We hunted with the men
And we slept with the women
But then, when we saw
The leaves turning colours
We packed up our furs
And loaded our pelts
Carved out our paddles
And sorted our gear
Sad and long faces
As the morning progressed
We paddled on silently
Into one houndred days to the East