Perfect Pitch (day 412)

The perfect pitch that follows me around town
Through the back of the bushes with a hand of her skirt
Down the cobblestones on the squeaky bike
Over the bridge with the perfect arc
And the crystal clear water with the biggest fish around

The same one that whispered in my ear as I sipped on the morning tea
Admiring the speed at which the croissant oiled the paper it came wrapped in
That stopped the spread of a thousand tiny crumbs
Through the hair that felt good today
And the warm sun that easily was enjoying the morning as much as I

This is the breath that I inhale as I think
That pushes me forth into the pastures so free
And gallantly holds my head up high as I
Hold up my hand and shout the perfect pitch that rattles through my teeth
This is how I stretch in the morning, inviting the day to begin

Steps (day 407)

I sit here upon the steps of Notre Dame
Waiting for the future to escape from my dreams
I’ve planned for the hour at which my chariot shall come
I’ve dressed for the occasion, prepared my hair
One last look to the north I shall make as I rise
Putting on my shoes I shall salute those who have before
My time it is now to become forever known
My guises have disappeared, countenance unknown
Tomorrow is another day, inevitably one
I ask myself again: “where to art thou, against vain?”

Traveler (day 395)

Tomorrow I shall be in a whole new land
One with infinite possibilities
One that smells of freshly baked bread
That encourages red wine and cheese

I will pack some socks, for Ill be gone a while
And I plan not to return
I’ve arranged my things, said my good-byes
I shalln’t see them for some time

I’m flying there, on a little commute
One I’ve done a few times before
But this time’s different: something has changed
Perhaps it’s the air up here

I have no plans, no place to stay
Only one road that I must take
I’ve heard before, that the traveler who
Has no plans is he who is happiest

Forever it is Now (day 352)

I sit waiting in this park for an answer
For the solution to the next month and 10 days
Perhaps it will come in a moment of clarity
Like the lost tides of sands forever gone

But then, as I feel it would collapse all around
A passing dog roams my way and licks at my toes
For this, I cannot ignore as a fate of the future
I cannot pass up this chance to find peace

Thus prompted to gather my wits about me
I feel my way through the dark into the darker
Exploring like a traveler en route unmapped
I seek what is known not to me

Then faster and faster I gain in my speeds
I look to the right and then to the left
The darkness turns into motions and blurs
Yet too fast to decipher as if a flickering murmur

Then all of a sudden, from the depths of my soul
I reach for a light switch; flicker then glows
I pass up the easy road for the road I’m on now
Today is my adventure, forever it is now

Soloist (day 347)

Soloists have a hard time understanding the meaning of the unity
The connection with others that amplifies the experience
Perhaps it’s also an ego thing: uninterupted, in command
Or maybe it was a result of a childhood
No parents to love by, no siblings to care for

But soloists also understand a much deeper commitment to the cause
A rooted desire to conquer the tasks and ignore/conuquer all obstacles
That run headlong into the path of resistance
Perhaps it’s nothing of the sort, just mere coincidence that
Strong minded individuals had no support structure
For their childhood fantasies and nightmares

In the end, it is neither the soloist nor the socialist
Who stands up tall at the end of the match
It is neither the mother nor the father who take on the blame
Or the brother or the sister who have left you out of the game
It is the soloist who must take on the blame
Who must reach deep inside and answer only to themselves

Questions on my mind
Make the game worth
The questions on my mind

And the questions on my mind
Prove the answer to the riddle
Of questions on my mind

Relate to the soloist who has gone ahead and led the way
That there was a mixup in the game plan, that the troupes have all turned
Away from the diamonds, away from the booty,
More towards the inspiration, rallied against the ugly mascot
They have turned down the flags, and silenced the horns
Ignited the fires and paraded far away

The Light (day 323)

Many moons ago I was laid upon the bed
As a newborn, ready for bread
As the light took flight from the electricity
Embarking upon its journey forth
Encompassing me with weightlessness
This feeling of perpetual motion
That inevitably pushes the legs out from the
Cowards and the creeps
That lays waste and barren the
Outer shell of superiority
This light put forth a search
A breath that couldn’t be caught
A race that couldn’t be stopped
The game, it crawled with speed
Catching whirlwinds and storm clouds
By surprise, circling the crows
Harnessing the wild cats
And the future calls forth
And the future comes again

I Shall One Day Wake (day 300)

I struggle
I struggle
I struggle
And I see

I push
I push
I push
And I feel

But for all these errors
For all the hours a dark
When the wind cries softly
I shall blow my faithful winds
Sitting amongst the poplars
With eyes so content and far
The whispers of my fathers
Caress me with these stars
Shaping my immediate thought
So profoundly that I begin
To shake from the inner confines
Of my scared and lonely soul
I shall one day wake
From this horrible torment
I face with every breath
I shall not walk alone

Old Cars and New Livin’ (day 294)

It’s funny how an old car
Yesterday was new
We face life so differently
In the race for tomorrow

With life comes sacrifices
We must make every day
Sometimes we’re conscious
Other times we lay slow

For true greatness
For an unspoken award
In all that life can offer
Where do we gather our weapons from?

In the lost arts of mankind
When virtues became known
There lived a great answer
Truth we’ve never known

In this time that has passed
We’ve lost a great goodness
Head over heels
For what tomorrow will bring

Perhaps in this game
As we look for the new
We’ll remember the past
Pull closer what we knew

Luminescence (day 293)

Perhaps it’s the luminescence of the situation that drives one to distraction when playing the small little games away from the goal.

I like to think otherwise though. I like to think it’s the severity of every single little nuance that will effect the end that sinks its way so deeply into my seared skin.

This, I’m ok with. This I’ve worked out long ago to be the true essence of life. The true essence of every single step that we take as we push forth. And in fact, with all of this that we push forth with every single day, everything combined, this is what makes us who we truly are.

When some of us sit on the the milk crates and watch the world pass by, or take the car down to easy road for a bite, or push the effort so easily away from the direct line of sight, some of us tend to also make our own destiny with the same efforts that it would take to take one single step into the future: forward.

Then some of us do not sit. Some of us push into the ground for stronger traction as we lean up against the building, tempting it to move a foot to the left. Some of us take that step into the darkness, and play with the fate of the unknown, unspeakable, unrealized, but oh so enjoyable.

In a lurch of passion the crucible fell to the floor and silence ensued. Lord have mercy on our souls; we were still standing. Still able to breath and had not yet been ruptured into the unholy gates of hell. There was no fancy smoke machine inhibiting our abilities and senses. And yet, as we lazily gained our wits and made our way casually back to the cheap diner for our fix of a makeshift, half way to noon morning breakfast, we still felt a nagging luminescence of the situation lurching forward into our sub-conscience.

I like to think we have no idea what we’re doing. I like to think that this is all just a dance as we make our way through the stratosphere of energies and emotions, trying to balance delicately on the surface as we push our consciences north, into the space that is a pretty good fit for a long haul home.

Brothers and Sisters (day 288)

We fight for our money
We fight for our bread
We fight for the clothes on our back
But do we fight for our brothers and sisters?

We fight for our gold
We fight for our oil
We fight for the car that we drive
But do we fight for our brothers and sisters?

We fight for our computers
We fight for our iphones
We fight for the laptop we squander
But do we fight for our brothers and sisters?

We fight for our drugs
We fight for our pension
We fight for the crimes we commit
But do we fight for our brothers and sisters?

[This poem is dedicated to the brothers and sisters who are effected every day by the terror of what is known as Kony. Please give the Invisible Children a voice.]