Kiss Me (day 1165)

Would you kiss me loudly?
Nude on the land.
Would you kiss me deeply?
Hand in hand.
Would you kiss me softly?
Sheets ‘bove our brows.
Would you kiss me desperately?
Mouthfuls of water.
Would you kiss me sadly?
Departing your essence.
Would you kiss me again?
I return, do return.

Roses are Beautiful (day 1159)

My grandmother tells me that roses are beautiful,
That common sense is all around us.
She tells me that stars float on at night and
Clouds make perfect animals
Which change upon a whim.
She has upon her windowsill
An old foot I’ve always admired.
It holds in it (like a steady hand)
Utensils ready for marking.
To its right: new words for every day.
Never a day goes by without
Her graceful way of flipping.
With all her heart the words so dear,
Hold powers of deep providence.
And from that table, when sitting to dine
Upon a chair plumped by two softening cushions,
One can see through a window of far off China mountain.
More importantly, however, a quite a bit closer
In fact – just below her window,
Is a bush grown wild from years
Unceasingly blooming so.
It’s a rose, and she knows
How beautiful it is.

Measures of the Mind (day 1134)

Don’t shake wisdom apart again
Like you’ve been carrying it
Upon a heart so strong.
Like a canvas yet painted
This is a crime eating time.
And if emptiness enjoys a lie
So grass grows long in a mother’s worry,
Let the sunset cleanse the sky
And soothe you’re ancient mind tonight.
In yesterday there’s a tomorrow,
In an island there’s some fun,
As every eye is an open window
Let this song be an empty gun.
With skies and broken arrows
Memories will get me home,
And your heart can mend the worn beyond
Any measure of your mind.

Still Love (day 1116)

And there’s still love
For the happiness remains;
Sunshine and my eyes.
Which I hold love.

And the grapevine
Tangling up my heart
Sends circles and circles
Spinning in to love.

And I call home
To happiness by name.
Where I feel love
Which is everything to remain.

Valley’s Echo (day 1113)

Your heart is not a valley away,
Nor a diamond left unbought.
Though time discovers all our pain,
Lifting our sins to meet the eye,
To shatter history spent in plans.
To know is like a misspent truth;
To touch the wings of a butterfly;
To give up on the fight.
Where I’m left standing,
Yelling: “My heart is on my sleeve.”
Which I’m not here to wear,
I am here to give alone.
Where I hear the valley’s echo.

2013.08 - Mount Robson (61 of 496)

Liner Notes (day 1112)

List me forever.
List me like giant trees
That skyscrape before me
In absolute synchronicity
With wild honey bees
Hovering deeply around me.
List me like a fowl’s thump;
Deep within me,
Light steps ahead of me.
List me like I’m off the wall,
Like I’ve been abandoned
And recycled
And re-crafted into love
So deep my eyes are shining blue.
List me cause I’ve got your name
Written on every page I’ve scribbled,
Inside the liner notes,
And circled with my blue pen.
List me
And I’ll step with you.

Don’t Betray Your Love Letters (day 1109)

Don’t betray your love letters,
Long scrawls of ball pointed confessions.
Amnesty holds my widowed fingers:
A hearts feverish clutches
Tied loosely to my bangled neck piece.
This is my lover’s heartbeat,
This reverberation about the floorboards
Awakening the lone-hawks
Circling high above
In sensible entrapment.
I am insensible like a lone wolf
Howling at moonlit stargazers.
My memories don’t betray my written love letters,
[Eyes praying on weakened soul]
It’s always my intention to be true.