Fears on Ice (day 1265)

A timeline isn’t a memory
Unless you’re walking there with me.
Soar like an eagle baby,
Ride high above the sea.

Answers to all these questions
Is you and me growing free.
Lay fears on ice baby,
Command your spirit carry me.

Music isn’t loud enough
Until it’s got you in the knees.
Throw your head back with me baby,
Ignite fires and set souls free.

Autumn (day 1262)

I’ve found a seat
Among the bees
That’s got me feeling happy.

Like waterfalls
On warm summer days,
It hit the spot just right.

There’re workers here
Minding their gardens,
Preparing for next season’s frost.

And all around
I see quite green,
A world of vegetation.

In it’s ripest hour,
My mind at ease
Amidst the Autumn breeze.

I, squinting from the sun,
And all around a gentle hum
For Autumn has finally come.

Dancing There Again (day 1232)

So there I lay,
And I was hardly born.
To be one and unconfirmed,
Lost and sadly looking down.
But skinny love yelled my name
From two street blocks down the road,
To my wrecking ball of unforgiven,
To my memories of simple love.
Like a midnight starscape,
I was ending all my pauses
With a thousand wonder whys.
To be dancing there again.