Love Steps (day 1029)

What does it take to love you?
What does it mean to hold your heart?
Like a delicate silk perfectly folded
Into five evenly spaced sides
Without creases.

What kind of fingers dance, prance
About sticky honey-buckles?
Long strands of hair into the deepness of my soul.
For forever was a long drive
Straight West into sunset’s romantic heart.

What kind of foot pierces clear waters of a hidden brook?
What does the water taste like
After it drips off your tentative toes
Recoiling into giggles, riddling squirrels
Into silence.

Hemoglobin (day 1021)

Don’t purchase my love;
I want you to bleed.
I want you to lay down
And sacrifice everything,
A pure devotion
Of unrelenting desire.
A life long pursuit
Of fear and anger
And joy and jubilee
And blood.
I want you to bleed.
And for me to feed
The ever increasing need
Of hemoglobin
With my raw and carnal instinct,
So omnipresent
That you shall become me.
And I will be your lifeline.

Much Brighter (day 1018)

The little lover knew no other
But all she had was fits and slobber
The man she loved was much too clever
To hold onto a dying ember
To which begins the sad sad tale
Of the little lover and her
Quest of building ever stronger
Which she blossomed into a Queen
Who loved to laugh and delight in grandeur
And in the end she was much brighter
For being the girl of fits and slobber

My Red-Red Blue (day 1015)

Indecisively I shifted your heart into my hand
I lingered here a while, debating the weight
Massaging veins that beat uncontrollably

Over and over I turned the red-red blue organ
I looked for a way in – an answer or a keyhole
That would somehow give me what I didn’t know

What did I know? But did I know?
A reflection in the mirror caught my eye
Self portraiture for another day

Here I beat; lifelessly solemn, sublime
Another memory for those who began to fade
Where spots of sun traversed endlessly

Fell (day 997)

You know I had a chance
When our eyes first had a glance
Struggling with the beat
Then you fell over me
Shifty little feet
And you fell over me
Giving me a chance
When you fell over me

It was gambling, a chance
To look you in the eye
A pure innocence, nestled deep
Then you fell over me
Exchanging numbers in the street
And you fell over me
Giving me a chance
When you fell over me

And when I leaned in for a kiss
You closed your eyes and leaned
Not an ounce of soul held back
Then you fell over me
Never anything but sweet
And you fell over me
Giving me a chance
When you fell over me

Love Isn’t Four Letters (day 996)

Love isn’t four letters
Love doesn’t crawl up on hands and knees in chocolate
Love doesn’t smell like roses
Love doesn’t have a long lineup at the checkout
Love isn’t singular
Love isn’t fleeting

Love wakes up every day and sleeps with the moon
Love is expression
Love is happy even when there is no love
Love is a sparkle in the eyes
Love is a name about ones tongue
Love is a feeling

She Liked Me (day 977)

She liked me because I made yam fries.
She liked me because of chopsticks on our first date.
She liked me because at all hours of the day,
Our stomachs growled in unison.

She liked me because I had dreams in my eyes.
She liked me because I’d read her poems I’d just written about her.
She liked me because every reason told her to be afraid,
But she’d still tuck her hand deep betwixt my warm nooks.

She liked me because when she licked, it tasted good.
She liked me because it wasn’t about the money, or the test.
She liked me because I liked it each and every time,
No matter how far we’d gone, or how loud we’d been getting there.

She liked me because we fought in the kitchen.
She liked me because I pinned her against the counter, frequently.
She liked me because she was changing me,
One smile after another, one spell after the other.

She liked me because I’d let her buy dark chocolate.
She liked me because I dug deep for strength.
She liked me because it just wasn’t the same,
When roads pulled our hands and spaces awaited patiently.

And I like her just the same.