Battling Will (day 1263)

I am not alone,
I am not abandoned
In my misery
To flush out
Battling conceptions
And wish well
In long nights
That remind me of
Good times that
Never last.
I am not a mourner,
Neither have I been left
To fight this battle
With all my wisdom
– Shining bright,
And reminding old visitors
That nostalgia
Bites even the strong at heart
Who leave traces of life
In the wake of their presence.

Of A Time (day 1259)

Remind me of a time
I have always dreamt to be.
Of snowflakes
And hot chocolate, and
Giant balloons in the sky.
And wisdom I’ve learnt of
In dusty wooden books –
Backwards to frontwards
With marvelous hooks.
Lost in the park,
In the middle of a rainstorm,
In the middle of your heart,
With crackers and cheese,
And a bottle that’s real dark.
Remind me of a time

Ancient Eyes (day 1257)

I rolled my ancient eyes
Into unwanted memories,
Unwanted flickers of
Brutal awakenings
That shook the very soil
I’ve stepped so lightly upon.
Here I invited a ghost
To stand beside me,
To shoot the breeze
Like patio beers at
Mid-summer dusk.
Consciously I rolled forward.
I opened to daylight
Lapping at the heels of
My unwanted recollections
Where I groped my way home
With tender affection
And battle wounds
Bourn amongst
Leftover scrapings
Upon my wall.

Undying (day 1256)

Seeking an understanding
Wrestles into a blackness,
A hole of undying emptyness
Void from here to there.

Like love for another soul,
Escaping through the night
Down cobblestone streets
Filled with reflecting pools of water.

Undying breeds symphony.
Undying curls it’s mystery
Inside out, until it wriggles
Up. Up and out.

Of End (day 1250)

My future is not to what end,
My future is of end that lacks in clarity.
For there shall be no tide
That leaves me jiggling in madness,
Clutching at the newly spent sands
Gathering about my consciousness.
Nor shall there be a whirlwind epoch
That holds in my madness
To set aside future battles
That crawl about my fingers
And draw my breath to an abrupt halt.

Lost Connections (day 1246)

I start finding lost connections
About gurgling waves
Lapping around poles and
Sheet metal, breaking
The X – Y plane
With flashes of memories
That thunder through my hull.
I recognize a lost connection
As rusting red leaves mixed with
Rubber ducky yellows
Spin their way along the Y-axis,
Dancing nimbly with warm arms
Of X and Z stitches.
Lost connections break my conscience
With each dead 3 pronged plugin,
With each false hope of recharge.
But each diagonal floats on by,
Twisting like an unbroken chain of genes
Through my alert moments
Realizing it’s not the destination,
It’s the journey in the end.