Landed (day 1243)

Landing in an unaware time
I’ve settled in oh… just fine.
Crawling over loose remains,
Curtains and leggings all have stains.
But breath and love; inhale, exhale,
Lifeline matters align each gale,
Upward lifting passages prevail
Eyes wide upon this afternoon sail.

Dancing There Again (day 1232)

So there I lay,
And I was hardly born.
To be one and unconfirmed,
Lost and sadly looking down.
But skinny love yelled my name
From two street blocks down the road,
To my wrecking ball of unforgiven,
To my memories of simple love.
Like a midnight starscape,
I was ending all my pauses
With a thousand wonder whys.
To be dancing there again.

Hope and What’s Lost (day 1213)

It’s no longer a crazy game
Of hand feeding hand.
Lust is not lost and
Games never end.

But look, it’s midnight.
My eyes have become swollen
With misery and trying,
And I’m loosing the edges
Of my bitter plan
For tomorrow.

I never hoped for you,
I never crossed my fingers
And bled questions into my
Well worn Tarot cards.

Here I was lost.
No. Here I wasn’t lost,
But it was here that
I began to remember
Who had soiled these sheets
With kindness and piss.

I cannot discover pleasure
Lurking behind bass cabinets.
I cannot look any longer
Into the abyss of your eyes.

Beyond (day 1190)

The long lines on my calendar
Tell me there’s trouble on the rise,
A big storm from heaven to hell
Brewing, rumbling, shaking these windows.

Eyes in the darkness blink.
Hades and Cerberus
Between my thoughts and time
Scatter the answers to unknown questions.

Aggrieve, my letters of sound reasoning.
All suspicious thoughts and delicate fantasies
Shall surface uncontrollably
Rearing like the plunging thunderbird.

Yet here time’s lines keep stretching on,
In spite my tariff for illustrious Charon
Clutched deep to my hearth,
I, simple and meager, shoulder my armor.