Past, Present, Future (day 400)

When I embarked on this journey
Fair eyed and light footed
I felt a relief from the pressure
A release on my conscience of
What had to be coming
A change in the scenery
A grasp on the world
One last release from all that I had

Now, half way to the answers
Too far to look back
To late to begin that
Which escapes through the sunset
I feel left in limbo
I feel clawing at my back
10 sharpened nails
I feel the speed at which
The day shall return
My time shall be halted
And the space shall be old

But with the sacrifices met
Perhaps the future will push
That which cannot be spoken
Into that which shall be
With dreams does come hope
With hope does come adventure
And with the curled fingers of the future
Beckoning for me to return
I will submit to the past
Rejoice in the present
And expect nothing from the future

I’ve Died Here (day 398)

I’ve died here
I’ve risen up
Let my ashes fall
I’ve returned here
To haunt the masses
I’ve cried upon lovers
I’ve yelled at youngsters
I’ve witnessed deaths
And pushed to the edge

I’ve died here
Two spears to my heart
They came from cupid
Who laughed as they sailed
I plied at his conscience
To which he ignored
I sent home a messenger
Who cried as he ran
I watch from afar now
Sitting on the stars

Seasons of Memories (day 392)

Moments that hang onto us like the deep winters night
Make the hard rain warming, deep to the bone
Smiles that come from long lost smells
Perfect the spinning wheels that hum in my ears

Moments that hang onto us like the warm sun of a summers day
Remind us of no better days
They take away the pain and dim the pleasant drone
Into a see of light thoughts and salty kisses

Moments that hang onto us like fresh dew of a springs morning
Help to refresh the cutest moments we’ve lived before
The green bike that rode straight, the small footsteps
There are no memories that escape the seasons of time

What Is (day 390)

I am not a wanderer
I am a traveler
I am a hand in the air
I am a stone in your path
I am a walking stick
I am a familiar scent
I am a highway song
I am a journey long
I am a worn shoe
I am a singletrack
I am a favorite song
I am a warm jacket

How does it feel?

Some Days (day 388)

Some days go by and they crawl up the wall
Seemingly scraping together time with broken memories
That pick at your wounds as you begin to fall asleep

Some days go by and drag their heels along the floor
Building up the tough skin that is disturbing to touch
Clearly letting go of all decency and elegance in a flash

Some days go by like the sun beating against a glass window
Heating up entire buildings from it’s mere affection
Darkening skin and inviting energy to be extrapolated

Some days go by as if showering was a rule
Fresh as the spring daisies that hide amongst a field of wheat grass
Stepping slightly quicker than the rest of the pack

Some days go by reminding me of mid winter’s frost
Sparkling brilliantly but very hard to look at with wide eyes
Usually requiring sunglasses to handle the glare

Some days go by and they run like the wind
Forgetting to stop for lunch and digging right in
Lost in the usual games but focused on one thought

Some days don’t ever end in spite all the killing
They make the butchers happy as they sharpen their knives
Slicing away the minutes, one by one

Little Bubbles (day 386)

Silent lights blink calmly at me
Through these eyes of rain
Drizzling away the dust stains
With deep and dark circles of water
Soaking inwards to the core
With little bubbles of vitalization
Gaining new experiences they boost
The little tiny hairs that reside
On the back of my neck
Waiting just for moments like these
To tell me how I feel

Answers (day 379)

I can’t understand the meaning of the answers I receive
Torn from my belly like the beast that’s suffered alive
Wholly ridiculed amongst the ashes and the saints
Saved by no one, and no one can remain inside

All around, as the children gathered to hear the stories
The red venom spewed out like an infection: unstoppable
All around the eyes opened like saucers full of secrets
Began with two loaves of bread, two slices of cheese

Throughout the streets the cobblestones rattled
From the distance all could hear the dull roar or thunder
Presses were laid, patterns were played
The final decent was begun, the line was rung

River’s Edge (day 374)

The strings of love pull at your every crevice
Letting the edges stretch just a little bit further
Towards the towns that you’ve never visited
Listening to the songs that make you feel
In a way that you remember how you used to feel

Did you ever put down the crayons
Pick up the bullet
Let loose the canyons
And howl at the wolves?

I’ve crawled back into my tent one thousand times before
Like the thoughts I’ve held onto ever more
Tomorrow I walk into the night
Leaving behind me the silhouette of what I used to know
In a way that I remember how I used to feel

And the paint begins to dry
Sloppy spots sprayed off the pages
Canvas caked with intentional strokes
Drying up by the rivers edge

The Day I Let Go (day 373)

There is so much distance to run
I’m not able to get the first step
Putting down my pen and paper
Stretching the bindings into airplanes
Erasing the mistakes that last

It’s the hands of the friends
That pull at my soles
It’s the walks of this earth
That drive me now forth
Into the bends of tomorrow

I’ve agreed to melt the ice
With two hands fully cupped
Separated by a thin veil
Of a sunny day and bare feet
Perhaps it started the day I let go

Memories I’ve Still Got (day 371)

There is nothing wrong with the mood
There is no point in living without the emotion
Like a sad song that plays on repeat
There is no other choice but the long list of emotions
There is no other way
But to sit here, spending my life
Hiding my heart away
Into little boxes awaiting memories
That will grow their own safety nets
That will find their own road
Away through the vault of time
Like a painted canvas laid down in a fury
That’s blown down one million walls
Blasted through the little raptures in space
As they grabbed out like the innocent chains of time
I will spend my whole life writing
I will make my whole life lasting
I will hope for the life lasting
Into the arms of the memories I’ve still got