Bella (day 332)

I will love you
Even without you with me
Bella, you are always with me

I will share with you
All my cookies
Bella, you are always with me

I will always be
Sold by the eyes of you, love
Bella, you are always with me

I will love thee
In spite all the misgivings
Bella, you are always with me

Bella, come home to me
Make me a happy man again

Growth (day 330)

I have reasons upon reasons
To think back to the cold spring days
Frost, covering the grass
Bright sun, sending rainbows across the drips of life
That are found within every dew drop

I remember the grooves in the pavement
The shiny bike I barely knew to ride
I remember the driveway
With a giant pole for separation
From that which was the neighbors

All of it, so long ago now
So much time has passed between
Those cross-velcro shoes and neon shorts
Till now, reserved and patched
Wounded and healed; but still for growth

Despair (day 326)

Deep in despair I’ve grown accustomed to the faith
Deep within the circles of sanity
I’ve learned how to point, or rather trace
The glossy edges of vanity

And for how long does the green grass grow over there
How long does the beckoning become
All that is here and lives within the fair
Perhaps more is then left for those with some

Then, with all the crowd cheering aloud
The grasshopper will be trampled and dismantled
Alone in the wilderness the sun and a cloud
Play tricks on life and deaths sampled

The Light (day 323)

Many moons ago I was laid upon the bed
As a newborn, ready for bread
As the light took flight from the electricity
Embarking upon its journey forth
Encompassing me with weightlessness
This feeling of perpetual motion
That inevitably pushes the legs out from the
Cowards and the creeps
That lays waste and barren the
Outer shell of superiority
This light put forth a search
A breath that couldn’t be caught
A race that couldn’t be stopped
The game, it crawled with speed
Catching whirlwinds and storm clouds
By surprise, circling the crows
Harnessing the wild cats
And the future calls forth
And the future comes again

Death (day 322)

Death stalks us around the block
As we shop for groceries
Death watches us sleep
As we dream of unobservable sums
Death clears our doorstep
On a windy fall night
Death finishes off the card game
Late in the early hour of the morning
Death cheers at the finish line
As we develop our muscles
Death encourages us
Standing in line for lunch
Death crosses the street
On our way in to work
Death sings a song
As we lament a bad deed done
Death cries wearily
At the doorstep of our sins
Death dances a fine jig
On the mantle of our success
And death holds our hand
As we march forth into the waking eyes of a new day

[I’ll miss you Ted]

Journey Begins (day 317)

We all need to forget once and a while
The old roads that have led us to here
There is no grand scheme of things that
Haven’t been trampled by the many footsteps
Upon which the journey belong

There are no once worn-once gone soldiers of fortune
Forgotten because of the mysteries
That plague the little corners of the estate
There is no black sin that sits upon the foyer
Idly waiting with lazy eyes, slightly smirking
As if in a trance ready to spoil the story

No journey begins at the end of the line
For no line begins at the house of resting
There are no paths that lead you to misery
There are only details that strike their glare
So daringly sharp that elders wear sun-glasses
There are no people that expect what’s been left
Save the flyers that will not be guest

Dark Sun (day 311)

I’ve skinned the rabbit
And laid waste to the endless assault of horoscopes
I’ve gone and pushed away the lone
Birds that tweet sweet sing songs in my ears lately

Perhaps I could warm my cold bones
On a burning tiger who roams the flat plains
Too hungry to play in the puddles of fun
With eyes only for the dying young

I’ve come across the melting lands
That have borne down upon the global landslide
Of humanity, influenced by plastic heavens
Too many hurricanes and exploding reactors

Perhaps the rat will save the forever burdened
Dogs of paradise who scare the gangly strangers
With a smile and surfacing anger
Left alone for too long and we’ve got trouble
We’ve got too many lonely dogs that have
Gone stray with troubled warriors
Lost on a beaten path that plays havoc
With the astrologers mind

Perhaps tomorrow will arise with high-class
Windswept caravans. The kind that beg for you
To abuse it with spray paint and sharpies
Perhaps then I shall walk with the dark sun

Sinister Dish (day 306)

Sweet sunsets and mangled reminders of the only stages you’ve ever stepped on that collapsed under your pressure and exploded into your dreams of the last days on earth.

Brought to you by the evanescence, the ultra cool but oh so very hot glow that recorded the passing of time with little whispers that spoke to you like a hard boiled egg or a clinking glass of scotch [on the rocks].

Deeper, deeper I desired as I swayed to the easy listening of the devil’s music that crunched my ear drums like the vibrating stool I now sit on.

Perhaps it’s the toxicity of the room that invites me to pray upon my victim with relentless desires only my dilated pupils can explain away as if I was some mute teenager sneaking out the back door a gunnysack full of father’s liquor.

Did I ever run away from that devious sight I had designed from the first time that I set a foot on your precious neck?

I’ve lost two dollars to the little man we’ve befriended for bets that I’ve drunkenly took and never intended to see through till the end like the lot would have hoped I would have.

Yet, like the flame throwing dummies burnt up in the all to familiar smoke of the madness, I too have found my glory box hidden deep beneath my sock drawer with my fifty dollar bills where no man shall ever speak of.

I salute you, tiny panther, I salute your devilish glare as you circle your pray and wait for their moment of weakness and slaughter them in a feast of all that has been and shall ever come to pass.

This is good.

This feeds both our souls.

This proves that the only thing that has ever rolled from the base of this lone tree that stands in our way was the rupture of happiness.

And forever I shall witness the spiderwebs slowly creep further into the corners of my eyes until one day they too shall bear witness to the struggling undergrowth that shall be sworn to secrecy with the stomping foots of the passing time.

Dare to lay down this sinister dish and feed upon my gravely voice and dried up blood spots.

Wander Closer (day 296)

Perhaps it’s the smell that lingers in the air
That I find myself searching for as I walk about alone
I’ve noticed I’ve grown accustomed to wandering closer
To where the air turns thinner
But in all the hours and days and years
I’ve climbed aimlessly about my wits
I’ve never solved the mysterious problem
Of my indulgence in this superstitious trait
Where cleanliness promotes friendliness
Where a smile can soon become a friendship