Circles (day 444)

Did you wonder as I made circles around you
How long it would last until I jumped?
Did you smell the sweet aromatic essence
Of flowers I crushed for you to death?

Long lasts the memory of ignorance
That curses through your veins
Sitting there idle in your own pain and misery
Distance grows the pain of memory
For those who haven’t landed safely

In another day that crawls upon me slowly
Love wont let me down again
I shall cry with the circling eagle
Ancient gods surrender now

Earth in A Lover (day 440)

Stars stretch from the middle of undying hands of a lover
Crisp and bright and forever in my eyes until tomorrow
The day that never arrives, that holds fast in the horizon
One moment at which is always averted with longing eyes

Starting with scraps of freshly cut hearts laid smooth
The outside pieces of a perfectly carved out heart
Three spots of glue to forget the damage done
Pages that now have the attention cold hands didn’t have

Tugging slowly at papers
We return
It is earth

Clarity (day 439)

And then as the hope was still stretching high
Like the demons that grab at ankles as night enters
When all of the stars were close at hand
Right then was the point at which the oldest memory flickered clear
The sensation regained and fluttered a moment
Pushing and pulling at the strings that cannot stretch
Yearning for the attention that has forever been
In a moment of lost consciousness that lurches forth
Just as the impending doom seats the fate of hate
Eyes flickered and rolled backwards into a lost realm
Just then was the moment that clarity didn’t matter

Whispers Tonight (day 437)

The lonely planet whispers into my ears tonight
Talks in dreams and far off stars
It speaks to me in words unspoken
It calls out like a mourning mother
But peace resumes like far off settlers
Half way there and looking yonder
There is hope out there and much to gather
Mindful sights as we sit here together
The night and me speaking in whispers tonight

Night At The Station (day 435)

Now it’s night and I sit alone at a station of trains
Around me other wayfaring strangers sit
Headed onward in their quest forth
Into the brave new world of tomorrows dreams
I am happy, for the peace that surrounds me
New friends and I have had success today
Frolicking through the streets of a foreign town
Enjoying all that it gives us, blending in like models
Finding spaces between points of the town
That allow for the subtle things to stand out and shout
Waiting for the future to grab at my promises
And all from a bench as the night slowly ascends

Floating (day 432)

I keep floating between that which I know
And that which eludes me in times of need
I keep on guessing at habits which I know
A game meant for madmen and the self-conscious
One at which I heed not the cautions of
And plunge headlong in: full of heart
Ignoring the darkness looming ahead
Anticipating the rocky ledges that mark the path
Catching me at most of the corners
Scraping my knees as I tumble forth
Then again, I find myself afloat
Wandering in this listless dream

Battered Soul (day 427)

I’ve battered my soul upon the rocky shores of innocence
Sun bleached reconciliation laid to waste
Heart spilling it’s spoils upon the rocks
And the mighty waves relentless damage breaking bones

There is peace then in time
That rolls along deeply like the rhythmic paddle
Striping through the disturbed sea
In song, everlasting

Pining sailors lost far our in the sea
Stranded on lonely islands with lots of life
Wiled beyond the bayou to the open seas
By the naked goddess swimming

Then, in moments of clarity
The seasons turn to spring
The hand is then set free
And all of the sorcerers relax their hand of power

Speek (day 426)

Do not fear that which I haven’t spoken
For it does not hurt
It does not pierce the skin
Leaving trails of blood
As you blindly wander the pits of despair..

Do not cover your ears in fright
Against the words that don’t belong
Beating drums that sing all night
Flow forth from the center
Of the answer to distance

Do not riddle the words laid clearly
They mean not to set askew
The center piece
Of altars grace
Counter points to your lovers wiles

Dark (day 425)

You will run but you cannot escape my all seeing, all knowing eye
Forget not that I see no boundaries, I will peer through that mask
Directly at the shadowed eyes that burn fists of fire through my soul
I will not let you run with your heels of fire digging into my sin
Resting for only little bits of laughter let loose into the blue nights sky
Late the raven calls upon the unsuspecting pray as it lies in shame
Hidden beneath the oak tree, wasted as if perturbed by an inescapable fate

Gather your storms you mighty Gods
Forgive me not for my ugly sins
Forgive the rain for soiling the earth
Giving it light and day
But not I, the doer of dark

In time the noose shall loosen from around the bitter Apollo’s neck
Released from the havoc that only the underground animals shall ever know
Hidden from the gems that ignite the last memories of a dying man
Crying from the birth that has taken place in time since we last spoke
And pacing restlessly along the cold stone candle lit memories
Trying to rid my withered bones of the transcendental war
Do not forget to close the door as you step inside the chamber of health

In My Little Bubble (day 418)

Float on you crazy thoughts
Into the endless days of tomorrows choices
That come and go like bottles of wine
Emptied to quickly
Still to cheap to care
The haze that glows around me
Dim lights pulsating at the walls
Voices that murmur around their tables
Clinking glasses and small talk
Laughs that carry no meaning
Easy music going down smooth
Into the surreal atmosphere
Huddling in a little circle
In my little bubble