Flower Nymphs (day 406)

Laying alone amongst the flowers
Is the only company I should need
Bees flower my conscience with honey
So thick it should root my evil
In unfounded depth of a mothers milk
Meanwhile, dumbfounded maidens
Frolic carelessly in the garden at night
Trying to escape the eye of delight
If anyone catches them they’ll let out a yelp
Like the nymphs of the wooded lands
The maidens of the garden who look about in fright
Carry me into dreams I’ve dreamt once before
Follow me into depths as I’ve crawled through the door
For now I shall rest here then
Amongst the poppies, buttercups, and paintbrushes: zen
Then I will fall away, lost in a cause
Then I shall dream again
For tomorrow always comes again

Two Men (day 402)

There are two men looking at me
I’m quite sure: inanimate
I’m confused by their presence
Sitting there they stare
They are dressed as bandits
Chapeau in their hair
Belt of ammunition
Crosses their breast
I can let them be though
In their windows up there
I’ll keep up with my studies
Alone in this chair

Scarves (day 399)

Did you leave me these two silken scarves?
Did you lay them down upon my path?
They’ve tangled me in
A most heavenly scent
One that wont soon
Be sent from my sorrow
But who else does claim them?
Did they float from afar?
Is there a maiden that misses them?
Should I send them in the wind?
I will make them my saviors

The Great Fall (day 397)

When the Romans fell
And all hope around them
Sunk into the unborn sea
When the prophesies that told
How the maidens of high
Who oracle’d the destinies would die
When the clouds that held
The towers within
Broke, and the rain did fall
Causing widespread panic
Zeus, the champion of gods
Shook and settled
Followed his instinct
Into the madness
Resting his sadness
Upon the grounds nevermore

I Asked A Girl (day 394)

I asked a girl to fall in love with me today
She didn’t answer my question
Instead she waved, as her train rumbled on
From her window seat into tomorrow

I asked a girl to fly away with me today
She cried: “It’s not fair, you’re there and I’m here”
We then continued, as we had before
To talk of our luck and fortune

I asked a girl to sing to me
For I had heard her sing before
She blushed for me, smiled a little
The heaved a great big breath

I asked a girl to walk with me today
Into the park beyond the houses we see
She grabbed my hand and swung with glee
As we stepped into the light of the day

I asked a girl to hold me tight today
She complied and wrapped me up real tight
I didn’t ever want to let go of that
So it’s here, that I stay, forever

Sleep (day 393)

Sleep crawls into my skin like a rusty nail
Scratching away at the inside of my eyes
Whispering softly into my ears a dull buzz
Wrapping it’s arms around my chest and slowing me down
Drafting up scripts to throw into my head
Calling my name from the freshly made bed

Sleep, in all of its wiles
Has taken control
Has grabbed onto my sails
Pulled them down
Folded them nicely
Put them away
And beckoned to me
As if only by
The lone spotlight
In the night
I am led forward
Into the dream
That I call sleep

Cobblestone Streets (day 391)

Memories of a distant land cross through my mind
Ghosts that walk along the same streets
In clothes that have long since been fashion
Talking words that have since been banned
Riding animals that have held legends
Holding court with the people who populate history books

I have walked along these cobblestone streets
I have held hands with the memories that haunt me
Caressing me with sweet words of wisdom
Leading me through paths untrod
Long since abandoned to new-age ruins
I plundered their spoils with hands full of fruits

From a far I saw a wandering angel
I called her by her name, but she did not respond
She didn’t hear my requests as I was not her project
Fluttering her wings, she left me standing
But the lady was stone, and I watched her leave
Music trailing after the wind curls of another time

Pixies (day 380)

I dance the dance of a thousand maidens
Through the woods and flat lands with flowers in my hair
I’ve grown accustomed to the birds and the bees
Around here there is no more sadness

And with the ides of seasons that come
The winds they carry all messages I hear
Of love, of song, of fairy tales I deluge
Merry making I do wherever I do roam

Late at night when I rest my head upon the feathers
The animals all around settle too
We breathe a collective sigh and remember the sky
Stars, full of life, watching over

To Demeter (day 376)

Losing control like Demeter after
The deed has been done, Hades has been satisfied
Lost in a spiraling madness leaving no traces
Trapped by the pomegranate
Sensual fruit for two

But lovely Calithoe, with hair so long
And her thirsty sisters, encouraging her on
Put in the good word, for her fathers only son
Deeply effected, and enchanted the most
Control slowly seeps back into thine hands

But still fear, oh yes still fear
This hasn’t ended, rather just begun
Stones to be thrown, droughts to be brought
Remember the danger, remember the deceit
Throw it away into the rage of the fire

Till forever, till tomorrow
Until the rain comes again
Reaping splendor for the lands and the hunger
Where there in the end
Persephone will be free