A Smaller Time, A Greater Mind (day 181)

Remind me soon of days long gone
A heavy tune, a raging song
Hockey skates and falling snow
Made up the nights as I would go

Remember when the goals were big
When laughing came so easily?
I’ve never lost those days of youth
But somethings gone, perhaps uncouth

I fear not, those dancing days
For I know the world in many ways
I’ve slept with saints
I’ve rebelled with sinners

But youth, it still, as time does pass
Reminds me of some greener grass
A teenage crush, a longing stare
Of now it seems I’ve more to care

Forget me not, my lovers stare
Remember the time we lost: were bare
Hold me now, and hold me tight
Today is good, I’ve got more fight

Dear Mother (day 177)

Directly, I feel blessed
I feel warmed without, within
Your calls, your worries
Mom, they mean everything to me

I can only hope
In all my ways of good and bad
That I may just, in some small way
make up for it, with my kind replies

I may not want to be facebook friends
And I may not want your opinion on style
But, dear sweet mom,
Your hugs are welcome at any time

I know, I know, I’ve got your recipe
For chocolate chip oatmeal, deliciousness in a cookie
But mom, I mean it when I do say
They’ll never be as good as the ones sent my way

Take care, my mother
Take care of your health
Mind is important
Happiness everyday

Moment of Truth (day 172)

I made a decision
That decision was easy
It was a choice on a matter
Of whether or not
To allow me a luxury
So simple and trite
Inside it is truth
Inside it is me

It radiates outwards
Like the new day’s sunshine
It warms up the heart
Like fire in the hearth
It came to me today
In a moment of truth
To smile for a while
And smile I did do

In These Shoes (day 159)

Fueled by urban rush
Styling through leftover plush
The balanced hair left a little smear
Sexy walks and glaring looks

No, we’re happy in these shoes

Give me blood
And I’ll ask for scabs
Give me cocktails
And I’ll ask for napkins
Give me rainbows
And I’ll ask for the rain
Give me eyebrows
And I’ll ask for the lips
Give me hair
And I’ll fray it everywhere

Now we’re happy in these shoes

In From The Rain (day 153)

Excuse me as I step in here a minute
Take my mind away, my load off
Shake loose this gripping cold
Retreat from this drenching wind

My, is that a copy of the paper?
Oh, it’s a very nice warmth in this room
I’ll take a tea please
If you don’t mind, a scone too please

Well, this was nice
I had a great stay
The tea was good
And the scone was as I’d hoped

But, as all good things
Must come to an end
So must I depart
And brave this dreadful weather