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Thy Distant Wolf (day 2088)

Should ever
Thy heart take after wolf
Let thee rusting
Deconstruct me.

Reverberations (day 2053)

One morning
I shared silence with an
Unending note
Supreme being

Lair (day 1965)

If a dream
Were only mine to hold
I’d never share
My deepest lair

Silent Echoes (day 1619)

A long line
Stretched an open quarry
Leaving silent
Echoes shaking

Holes (day 1597)

Here I held
A circular indent
As a hole

Hole (day 1562)

As a hole
Strands of my perfect heart
Slowly take rest
Silently still

My Last (day 1520)

Escape for
My last everything
Was as silly
As my breath

The Death of a Lady (day 1459)

She lost grace
When vibrant hearts were left
Feeling peace
Without her

Jagged (day 1452)

Like a rose
My heart unfurled into
Untangled mess,
Jagged first touch.

Lords (day 1393)

Pass this gale
Onto stronger, vibrant
Lords who regale
With open chests.

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