At Four AM (day 700)

It’s four am and you’ve just dined on my seven thirty yearning
Ain’t no more lone stars buzzing ’round this night sky
Aretha Franklin making me feel like a SUU-PREME lover
I’ve got soul oozing outa my fingertips
Tracing edges of your naked hips with eyes-wide-closed

I let my words get a little bit dirty, just a little bit
A lazy mid-summer breeze shuttling through these sheets
Carrying the sweet smells of our four am lover games

It’s times like these where life stands still
Where lovers squirm silently under gushing melodies of desire
Darkness concealing tomorrow’s troubles
While a half gone glass of evenings red
Brings our lips together, exchanging our dogged passion
Into pure physical reaction, forever and ever
‘Cause sometimes it’s a feeling baby

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