Cobblestone Streets (day 391)

Memories of a distant land cross through my mind
Ghosts that walk along the same streets
In clothes that have long since been fashion
Talking words that have since been banned
Riding animals that have held legends
Holding court with the people who populate history books

I have walked along these cobblestone streets
I have held hands with the memories that haunt me
Caressing me with sweet words of wisdom
Leading me through paths untrod
Long since abandoned to new-age ruins
I plundered their spoils with hands full of fruits

From a far I saw a wandering angel
I called her by her name, but she did not respond
She didn’t hear my requests as I was not her project
Fluttering her wings, she left me standing
But the lady was stone, and I watched her leave
Music trailing after the wind curls of another time

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