Unknown (day 314)

I’ve flicked the switch into the landscape unknown
It’s rocky, so perhaps then I do know the unknown
Perhaps it leads me to doors I’ve already crossed
And hands I’ve already shaken
Perhaps the golden wings that watch my way
Have slipped through these tracks
Racing against time to make the next happy hour
Resisting the urge to buy yet another round on inflation

Then perhaps I’ve just looked the other way
As the violins play this lonely song along my own yellow brick road
“Cool-y he walks with a keen gaze and a saunter in tow”
Light dipping as he reaches his destination
Pulse quickening as he sees his obsession
Hand slipping as he feels his erection
But the wind dies down, allowing the leaves to come to rest
The calloused palms also find their idle locale

..and the trumpets announce his arrival

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